The Black Mouses are without a doubt an uncharacteristic band from Brussels; they always like to do things differently.With the release of their pop-rock album « Induction » the time has come for them to go further with their passion: they are just back from a tour in China.The BLACK MOUSES bring very different musical experiences and influences to the collective table. Their musical journeys have led them through Classical, Funk, and Jazz, however it is in the land of pop rock that their feet are firmly planted as is clear on this, their first Album.They also draw inspiration from electro music, and more psycho-pop explorations as spearheaded by the likes of MGMT, Radiohead and Vismets. Indeed Vismets are the driving force behind the arrangements of their album. Their singles « Bollywood » and « Exhausted Trees » are quick to impress with their strong dark substance. A sub-bass infused languid melody reflects a technical rigor that only serves to empower the style in which this new Belgian group ROCKS !!!